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Houston Apparel & T-Shirt Printing

If you’re looking for cost-effective marketing tools, uniforms, or personalized gift items, you’ll get your money’s worth from high-quality customized apparel. And the good news is Houston Printing Services offers Houston apparel printing services that will be tailored to any budget range and style preference.

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Included in the myriad of apparel we offer are shirts, bags, caps, hats, and other items you can customize for marketing or personal purposes. Our graphic designers can help you develop the appropriate apparel design, whether you need a simple print of your business name and logo or a more complex, artistic customization of your brand elements and marketing message.

You can ensure that Houston Printing Services will use only high-quality apparel for all your projects. From promotional items and shirt uniforms to personalized gifts, we guarantee satisfactory screen printing and embroidery processes for custom apparel that best fits your budget.

So the next time you need customized apparel delivered at a quick turnaround, work with our apparel printing experts and get the best value for your investment.

Call Houston Printing Services at (832) 966-7597 for your Free Consultation with a Houston Apparel Printing expert!

T-Shirt Printing

Our customized shirts are arguably the most popular products from our Houston apparel printing service. Businesses and individuals mostly opt for T-shirt printing as it’s a cost-effective investment that can be utilized for various purposes, like employee uniforms and promotional items.

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As we screen print your approved design on your T-shirts, you can ensure that the resulting graphics will be of high-resolution and maximum attraction. Even the gradient tones and fine details of your preferred design will be perfectly printed on your shirts. Also, screen printing is a budget-friendly T-shirt customization process.

However, if you want your shirt design to last longer, embroidered shirts are another good option. The downside, though, is that embroidery will take longer and can’t perfectly reflect your design’s gradience and fine details.

Either way, Houston Printing Services can screen print and embroider your T-shirts in the most time-efficient, affordable, and satisfactory way.

Embroidered Logos

If what you want is a minimal design that is still effective in reinforcing your branding efforts, you can customize your apparel by simply adding embroidered logos to them.

Unlike printing, embroidering your logos will make the design longer-lasting and improve how your potential customers perceive your brand image.

Houston Printing Services is fully equipped to stitch your logo in the most attractive way possible, regardless of what kind of apparel you want us to customize. Whether you want custom shirts, bags, caps, or other apparel, we have a variety of embroidery styles, stitches, and threads that will work best to achieve your desired look while staying within your budget.

Promotional Items Printing

Promotional items are proven to be effective tools in making a good, long-lasting impression on your target market. They are also ideal for widening your marketing reach as your recipients most likely have friends and families who can also see your promotional items. And if you want the type of promotional item that is budget-friendly yet equally as effective, customized apparel is a top choice.

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By printing your chosen apparel with your company name, logo, slogan, or any other marketing elements you want, your recipients will appreciate having something they can use while you get to promote your brand simultaneously.

Additionally, we also provide other types of promotional items, such as:

  1. Drinkware (bottles, mugs, flasks, etc.)
  2. Facemasks
  3. Hand sanitizers
  4. Office supplies (journals, planners, calendars, pens, sticky notes, etc.)

So whether you want shirts, electronics, or any useful daily item, trust Houston Printing Services to customize your chosen merch with industrial-grade printing equipment—helping you increase your traffic through a budget-friendly marketing tool!

Full-Service Printing Company

For a trustworthy Houston, TX apparel printing service customized for any business, organization, or individual, Houston Printing Services is the full-service printing company to call. Our local has everything we need to customize any apparel of your choosing. We even have our team of graphic designers who can help you with the design if you still don’t have one.

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Whether you want your apparel to be screen printed or embroidered, our team can complete any level of your desired customization in a quick and reasonably-priced process. Additionally, we also offer all other kinds of high-quality printed materials, such as: 

  1. Posters
  2. Brochures
  3. Business cards
  4. Newsletters
  5. Contracts
  6. Manuals
  7. Business reports
  8. Business signs
  9. Vinyl graphics

And aside from printing, our designing, copying, binding, and direct mailing services are equally worth every dime of your investment. So what are you waiting for? Talk to our printing experts about your customization needs now!

Let’s Talk – Free Consultation Today

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Whenever you want some customized apparel with high-quality prints and proven durability, work with our Houston apparel printing experts. Whether you want them for personal or marketing purposes, your custom apparel will be delivered by Houston Printing Services at a quick turnaround and with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Call Houston Printing Services at (832) 966-7597 for your Free Consultation with a Houston Apparel Printing expert!